Travel just got a whole lot easier.Never pay full price ever again.
Are you tired of expensive traveling?Discover a better way to outsmart travel. Learn to travel consistently at a fraction of the price 100% of the time. Gain insights on obtaining points/miles, bonuses, statuses, and airfares to use to your advantage while booking your next trip.
01Obtain High-Level CreditWhat if obtaining certain credit cards that have some hidden secrets were easier to obtain? Unlock exclusive access to our most up-to-date portfolio of over dozens of guides on how to acquire and use credit better.
02Professional ChurningPoints / miles is a great option to obtain cheaper hotels / flights but there comes a point in which you hit a road bump where obtaining perks after the welcome bonus is significantly harder. Welcome to a more experienced industry. Learn the ways to continue scaling your perks with minimal effort.
03Elite StatusRemember we told you there are secrets companies don't want you to know? Gain access to our insights and avoid spending thousands of dollars to obtain status. The ability to obtain elite statuses has never been easier.
FeaturesWant to know what you are paying for? Get a glimpse below.
MS Buying Software
Exclusive access to our in house buying software. With a network of hundreds of sellers, you can buy thousands of items directly to your house & get paid.
Special Travel Offers
Obtain exclusive access to our hidden travel offers. Monitoring hundreds of locations for the greatest bargain.
Runners Program
With access to our bulk buyer you get exclusive access to sell directly to the source. You can churn rewards and maximize profits.
Travel Hacks
The most comprehensive bundle of exclusive insights, deals, and information on traveling.
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Pricing Tiers.Grow your travel portfolio and visit your dream vacation at a fraction of the cost.
Standard MembershipA better traveling experience right at your fingertips.
MS Buying Software
Exclusive Flights + Hotel Deals
Exclusive Private Buying Group
Unlimited Manufactured Spending Opportunities
And more!
$135 up front (1st month included)
Tax included
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How can I take advantage of this if I'm outside the US?
Travel hacking can be done by anyone internationally. You just need to build the basic foundations discussed inside but our methods are similar.
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Travel Hacked is a premium subscription service aimed to maximize your savings on hotels, flights, car rentals and more through knowledge companies don't expect you to know.
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